Platinum Plus upgrade 2


If you already have a Game Box Hero Platinum or Gold (Old editions with less games) you can upgrade to the Platinum Plus and enjoy thousands of more games and 18 additional retro consoles. Just pop in the new card we send you and it will work instantly!



Please note: Only buy this if you have a console from us already. This is for the sd card only

  • Includes 35 Retro consoles vs 17 on the Platinum
  • Over 23,000 popular games vs 11,000 on the Platinum
  • 306 Playstation games vs only 98 on the Platinum
  • 2066 NES games vs only 1056 on the Platinum
  • 1052 Gameboy Advance games vs 502 on Platinum
  • Simply insert the new sd card we send you into your Game Box Hero

Please note, this upgrade is for the sd card only. You need to already have a console from us to use it.

Click to view the game list in google drive

Amiga N64
Apple II Neo geo pocket
Amstrad CPC Neo geo pocket color
Arcade Neogeo
Atari 2600 NES
Atari 5200 Playstation
Atari 7800 Playstation Portable
Atari 800 Pokemini
Atari Lynx Sega 32x
Atari ST Sega Genesis
Coleco Sega Mastersystem
Commodore 64 Sega sg1000
Famicom Disk SNES
Game Gear TurboGrafx 16
Gameboy Vectrex
Gameboy Advance Wonderswan
Gameboy Color Zxspectrum


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 8 in


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