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Frequently Asked Questions


What controllers can I use with the pocket plus?

Any controller that has bluetooth or if you have a wifi dongle, you can pair and use it with the Pocket Plus Edition if you want a multiple player experience. 

Can I see a games list?

We are still working on the games list for the handhelds but the Pocket Edition will pretty much mirror our Platinum edition stationary console. Click this link to view a list for the consoles (opens in new window)  Google drive lists

Any other questions?

Give us a call or send us a message on live chat and if we’re online we’ll respond quickly.  Otherwise, Click to email (opens your default email client)

How do I hook up to my tv?

If you have the Pocket Plus Edition, it has a mini hdmi port. We include an adapter so you can plug a regular hdmi cable into it and connect to your tv.

What are remote updates?

Because your Pocket Plus has wifi and can connect to the internet via your home network, when we do software or improvement updates, you can access our server and update it easily. Pocket editions will have to use a computer to download updates and manually install via instructions we’ll provide.

Can I add games?

Yes, you can add more games to either edition. The Pocket you’ll have to connect to your computer and transfer them. The Plus can be done wirelessly.

What is netplay?

Netplay is a feature that allows players to play multiplayer games over a network, similar to playing with a friend on the same console.

What are the performance specs?

The Pocket Plus has a quad core 1.8ghz ARM Cortex-A55 processor with LPDDR4 1GB memory, 128gb micro sd card (256gb available, 4000 mah battery.

The Pocket has a quad core 1.5ghz Cortex-A35 processor processor with 1GB DDR3L memory, 64 gb micro sd card (128gb available), 3500 mah battery.