Keyboard Controls

Atari 800

F1 Built in user interface
F2 Option key
F3 Select key
F4 Start key
F5 Reset key ("warm reset")
Shift+F5 Reboot ("cold reset")
F6 Help key (XL/XE only)
F7 Break key
F8 Enter monitor
F9 Exit emulator
F10 Save screenshot
Shift+F10 Save interlaced screenshot
Alt+R Run Atari program
Alt+D Disk management
Alt+C Cartridge management
Alt+Y Select system
Alt+O Sound settings
Alt+W Sound recording start/stop
Alt+S Save state file
Alt+L Load state file
Alt+A About the emulator

Quick Tips for Gameplay:

Start Game: F4
Up: up or numpad 8
Down: down or numpad 2
Right: right or numpad 6
Left: left or numpad 4
Exit Emulator: F9


Must use left and right shoulder buttons which brings up keypad on screen. Use d pad arrows to move and then B button to select the button. This is only needed in the game menu when a game first starts and you need to select the nuber of players. Otherwise the snes gamepad works fine.